Technology and the lockdown. How are you keeping in touch?


How are people interacting under the lockdown and how will they interact in the ‘new normal’? What role is technology playing and what role will it play? Will we be lonelier after this crisis? These are some of the questions being analysed by the UOC’s Communication Networks & Social Change (CNSC) research group as part of an international study on digital technology, use, behaviour, social connections, self-isolation and loneliness led by the UK’s Open University.

Don’t think twice about it. Take part! Because we know you must have had a few videocalls with friends and family, right? The aim of the study is to find out how people are connecting using digital technology and how this is affecting our personal health and well-being in the current circumstances.

The survey takes around 20 minutes, and it’s anonymous and confidential. You can find more information on the UOC News site.

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