Advice from #UOCexperts on how to work better during the pandemic


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts from the UOC have been working hard with both the media and the UOC’s Office of Communications to help analyse the situation and let people benefit from their expertise through opinion articles, interviews, videos, notes, news items and content for social media networks.

Three of these experts, Salvador Macip, Eva Rimbau and Cristina O’Callaghan, offer advice and recommendations on how to manage your time when e-working during these extraordinary times, and stress the importance of taking steps to prevent spread of the coronavirus, whether you’re working at home or the office. Make sure you don’t miss the video!  



The UOC has put together a site with the articles on COVID-19 published on the University’s blogs. They cover a range of perspectives with input from #UOCexperts. There are news items and interviews focusing on the latest developments with the pandemic published via the UOC’s News site, as well as pieces published and broadcast by other media outlets.

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