Call for Papers: Digital Humanities in Theatre Research

30 de noviembre de 2015

Cfp Stockholm 2016 WG Digital Humanities in Theatre Research

Annual Conference 2016, Stockholm, Sweden: Presenting the Theatrical Past, 13 – 17 June, 2016 (

Abstracts are due by 15 January, 2016

Applications for bursaries to assist with travel funding are due by Dec 1st, 2015


Nic Leonhardt (Munich/ Cologne):
Franklin J. Hildy (University of Maryland and

We are soliciting papers that will represent the full range of experience IFTR/FIRT members have with Digital Humanities in Theatre and Performance Research. We are seeking papers and project presentations that

• explore the theoretical implications of Digital Humanities for our research into theatre and performance

• describe existing cyber projects in theatre and performance research

• propose needed digital projects in these fields

• explicate problems relating to the pedagogy and technology of such projects (and perhaps propose solutions to them)

• focus on digital theatre history and historiography

Papers and case studies examining how digital humanities projects can be used in teaching are welcome, but we are not looking for contributions that are only concerned with techniques for using technology in the classroom or distance learning courses at this time. Working groups are not required to address the theme of an IFTR conference but papers which enter into conversation with the theme are most welcome.

Abstracts (up to 300 words) on either a proposed paper or the presentation of a data project will be accepted in English or in the language of the host country but please remember that the group’s primary working language is English.

Abstracts are due by 15 January 2016, and notice of acceptance will be given in early March.

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