New funding received to study the use of feedback in online oral tasks

4 October, 2019

TECHSLALab’s lead researcher,  Gisela Grañena, was recently awarded a new R&D Project from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. The project (#PGC2018-093865-A-I00) Optimization of the online learning of languages through oral correction (TECSLA) will be coordinated by Gisela Grañena, Lecturer at the Centre for Modern Languages of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Grañena will be working with Laia Canals, Aleksandra Malicka and Yucel Yilmaz to analyze the effectiveness of corrective feedback on language acquisition. Given that immediate feedback in response to an error tends to be most effective and that the online learning conditions in a context like the UOC only allow for deferred rather than immediate feedback, the project will analyze feedback known as deferred immediate feedback, that is, asynchronous feedback which imitates the immediacy of a synchronous context. The project aims to examine other factors that could influence the effectiveness of the feedback, such as the type of correction (implicit or explicit feedback), the mode (written or oral), and individual cognitive differences between students.

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Professor at the Centre for Modern Languages, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
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