Technology-mediated SLA Reseach Lab


Our research interests comprise enhancing online second language learning by leveraging on the use of technology and applying methodological principles and pedagogic procedures that have been theoretically and empirically supported by research in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) and that can inform choices among technological options. We base our research in four main methodological principles in language teaching:

  1. Activities (use of communicative tasks for language teaching)
  2. Input (provision of rich and elaborate input)
  3. Acquisition processes (provision of feedback and focus on form)
  4. Learners (individualization of instruction)
Gisela Grañena 


I hold a Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and a certificate on language measurement, statistics, and evaluation from the University of Maryland (2012). My research focuses on cognitive individual differences in both instructed and naturalistic contexts; aptitude-treatment interactions; task-based language teaching; measures of implicit and explicit language knowledge, as well as the effects of early and late bilingualism on long-term second language achievement.

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ORCID 0000-0002-6322-9078

Laia Canals 


I currently hold a Lecturer position at the Centre for Modern Languages at the UOC. I got my Ph.D. in Linguistics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York,  in 2007. From 2009 to 2012 I held a postdoctoral researcher and professor position at the Language Didactics Department at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where I trained primary and secondary school language teachers and advised MA students. My research addresses technology enhanced task-based language teaching, aural synchronous computer-mediated communication, intercultural communicative competence, digital skills and online language teacher education.

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ORCID: 0000-0002-9605-012X

Aleksandra Malicka 


I was born in Poland, but have lived in Barcelona, Spain, since 2006. I hold an MA and PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Barcelona. My areas of expertise include second language acquisition, task-based language teaching, and research synthesis and meta-analysis. I have worked as an English teacher and lecturer for the past nine years, and I currently hold an English Lecturer position at the Open University of Catalonia.

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Yücel Yilmaz 


I am an Associate Professor of Second Language Studies at Indiana University. Previously, I held an assistant professor position at Sakarya University and a postdoctoral position at the University of Calgary. I received an M.A. in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in Multilingual/Multicultural Education from the Florida State University. My research focuses on second language interaction and corrective feedback; computer-mediated communication; task-based language teaching; individual differences in second language acquisition; and explicit and implicit learning processes.

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