Géneros en Transición: Masculinidades, Afectos y Cuerpos

Johanna Rolshoven

Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Graz University/Austria. Diploma in Social Anthropology at Université Aix-Marseille/FR (1987), PhD in Philosophy at Marburg University/Germany (1991), and Habilitation in Popular Culture Studies at Zurich University/CH (2004).

Fields of interest: combining urban and political anthropology with mobilities studies, and cultural studies in architecture. Approaches: empirical critical cultural analysis with gendered perspectives on spatial agency. Last projects in the field of gender and masculinity studies: political production of “Heroes”, cultural analysis of suicide bombers, women ethnologists in French resistance, gendered concepts of everyday resistance. Current project: Mediterranean Port Cities and citizenship.

Founder and co-editor of the book series “Cultural Anthropology meets Architecture”, founder of the association and newsletter “International Association for Cultural Studies in Architecture”, and founder and co-editor of the multilingual Open Access Journal “Mobile Cultures Studies” where guests are very welcome. (

In the scope of her engagement for qualitative cultural analysis, she is a longstanding member of the “SAGW Network for Qualitative Social Research” (CH), and co-author of the “Swiss Manifesto for Qualitative Social Research” (2010).

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