Géneros en Transición: Masculinidades, Afectos y Cuerpos

Cristina Pereira Vieira

Cristina Pereira Vieira holds a PhD in Sociology.

She is a teacher at the UAb (Open University in Portugal), in different academic degrees (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters and PhD), where she has been implementing new areas of learning and new UCs from the areas of Sexuality, Youth and Gender ­  developing themes that had never been addressed.

She is a researcher at the CIEG (Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies). She has been conducting research on sexuality, gender, among others with emphasis on the experiences of youth sexuality; masculinities from the models and logics of relationships; Bodies and seduction; Equality and gender violence from the practice of discrimination (especially homophobic Bullying) in the daily relationship of youth.

In this vast area, she is the author of publications and communications in national and international congresses, and she is the author of the book: – Eu faço sexo amoroso – A sexualidade dos Jovens pela voz dos Próprios, da editorial Bizâncio, 2012 result of her researcher and perceived as a pioneer work in Portugal in the field of juvenile sexualities, through the speeches of young people about their sexual experiences, allowing an approach to reality.

UNIVERSIDADE ABERTA (Open University in Portugal):

CIEG (Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies).


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