What’s with the weather?

17 de febrero de 2020
A «barometer» tells us the weather. Source @ Wikimedia commons

The weather can be very unpredictable.  People love talking about the weather because it is something that affects everyone and this means that we have a lot of special vocabulary to describe rain, clouds and wind. For example, if we say “unsettled weather” this means that it might rain, but it might not! Learn more weather words here and talk about the weather like a weather professional!


Dark clouds and heavy rain ahead. There is going to be a downpour soon! Source. @ Wikimedia commons

The UK is famous for rain but did you know that there are many types of different rain? “Drizzle’ is the name for a very, very light rain which is almost unnoticeable and you do not need an umbrella. Next, we have “light rain’ and then ‘a shower’, which is a normal rain. ‘Scattered showers’ ‘outbreaks of rain’ and ‘patchy rain’ is when the rain stops and starts. Rain can also be described as ‘heavy’ and heavy rain is also called ‘a downpour’. You definitely need an umbrella for a downpour because you can get very wet!


Usually in the summer you want ‘a breeze’, a breeze is a ‘light’ wind, which keeps you cool – not hot and not cold, just right! However, a brisk wind is a cold wind like you get in winter. ‘Gale force winds’ are stormy winds and when there is a gale, you should stay safe indoors! 


The UK is also famous for it clouds.  A lot of the time it is cloudy in the UK. It can be ‘partly cloudy’ with some cloud and some blue sky. When it is ‘overcast’ there is so much cloud that the sky is completely white and there is absolutely no need for sunglasses!

Hazy sunshine Source @ Wikimedia commons

Sunny weather 

In the UK good weather is hard to find, but when there is good weather everyone is happy! We say that there are ‘clear skies’ (i.e. no clouds!) and the sky is ‘bright’ (not dark like the middle of winter).  Sometimes though, there can be ‘hazy sunshine‘ – where a little cloud can get in front of the sun making it more difficult to see.  

Watch Prince Charles give the weather forecast. Can you hear any of these words in the forecast?

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I didn’t know those words. I guess they are used by native English speakers. haha, This is quite funny to see the prince Charles as a forecaster!
Thanks for the article

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