Tipping in Different Countries

17 de marzo de 2017

Have you ever wondered how much to tip when traveling overseas? If you’re planning to go on vacation to another country soon, you might want to consider doing research on cultural differences, and more specifically on tipping practices.

Dining out in an American restaurant? Taking a taxi in India? Shopping around in Egypt? Tipping customs vary among countries and depending on the services. In some cultures, tipping is not mandatory, whereas in others it is a customary practice. For some countries in Africa, tipping is considered as a way of life. By contrast, tipping can be perceived as offensive and impolite in some Asian countries. Yet, it can mean an insult if you dare to tip after a delicious lunch in Tokyo!

My personal recommendation: check out how to tip in different countries before you travel and you will save yourself a headache!

For more information on how to tip in different countries, take a look at the link below.


Have a look at this video about how to give a tip in a British restaurant:

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