Spring has sprung

9 de March de 2020

 ‘Spring has sprung’ is a popular expression. We say it when the winter is over and suddenly plants start to grow with new life.  Many people in Barcelona grow plants in window boxes and spring is the time to start planting flowers. If you want to ‘beautify” your living space, why not plant a window box?

How do you make a window box? 

A clay plant pot – Source @ Wikimedia commons

First, you will need a plant pot. Pots are usually made of plastic or clay and they are easily found in shops in the city. Make sure that your pot has a hole in the bottom to allow extra water to escape. You will also need some compost. Compost is special soil, which is full of nutrients for growing plants.  As well as compost you will need some small stones or gravel to put at the bottom of the container. The gravel will allow the water to drain. Too much water is bad for plants so having “drainage” helps your plants to survive. Don’t forget the plants. In Barcelona suitable flowering plants like geraniums or petunias are very popular in the spring.

When you have everything, you are ready to begin. 

Geraniums are a popular plant in Barcelona

Put the gravel or stones at the bottom of the pot. Then add some compost but leave enough space for your plants.  You can also add some fertiliser to help feed your plants. Take the plants and add them to the container. Finally, add more soil to the sides so that you cannot see the roots.  

Your window box will need care over the next few months. In a hot climate like Barcelona, plants will need plenty of water at least every two to three days in the spring. You should use fertiliser regularly to give your plants nutrients and you should check for insects.

Watch the video below. Don’t forget to use the subtitles.

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anna Rodriguez Pont4 de April de 2020 at 14:59

Hi all,
This is a contradictory feeling, conflicting emotions.
Spring started with the lockdown and a sort of cold winter back, with snow over the summits around Barcelona.
I’m lucky because I have a terrace with so many plants and, right now, the most beatiful flowers blossoming are the tulips.
Nowadays we are waiting for the roses, hope at least we can get some for our loved sant Jordi’s tradition. The rose and the book.
Hoping we can get some presents even by delivery…..

    Suzanne Naylor6 de April de 2020 at 09:16

    Hi Anna,
    It is sad that we are going to miss St.Jordi’s day – there are a lot of events which mark the year that have been cancelled or postponed. Hopefully, next year we can celebrate St. Jordi’s on the street again!

nuria alvarez vidal4 de April de 2020 at 20:47

Hello classmates,

Unfortunately this year we will enjoy the spring from our balconies. I have never planted plants, only I have a cactus that my friends gave me. But these days, when I look at the community garden knowing that I can’t enjoy it because of the current prohibitions, I really want to be surrounded by nature. I might decide to plant some plants these days. So as the plant grows I can see that life is still outside, even if for us it seems to have stopped.


Núria Alvarez

    Suzanne Naylor6 de April de 2020 at 09:13

    Hi Nuria! I am lucky that there are trees on my street and I can see everyday that spring is here. When we began the lockdown in Barcelona, the branches of the tree were bare and had no leaves and day after day, the trees have been coming alive with leaves and birds. As you say, the natural world continues outside, even if we have stopped.

José María Escudero7 de April de 2020 at 11:13

Good morning all!

Spring has sprung! It is like hearing an optimistic message! Isn’t it? Despite the fact that we are living an exceptional situation, of course… However, it is always good seeing how the street trees thrive due to temperature rise!
Honestly, I’m a total disaster with plants! I’ve tried planting several times but they always die… They must hate me!
Since I was just a kid, I’ve always loved sunflowers,probably, because of their behavior depending on the sun movement, their size and their beautiful yellow color. However, it’s too much difficult to take care of them in our balcony pots. Now I only have a little lemon tree and some mint to combine it with some Moroccan tea.

    Suzanne Naylor8 de April de 2020 at 13:31

    Hi José María,

    Thanks for your comment! If you can grow mint you are very lucky as mint always dies when I try to grow it! Lemon trees have a beautiful scent so it great if you are able to grow one on your balcony!

      José María Escudero8 de April de 2020 at 17:37

      Hi again Suzanne! To get bigger, mint needs a wide place to grow up and high quantites of sunlight and water! My grandfather used to tell me that if you cut it partially, it grows up stronger as well! Luckyly, I have a little courtyard where I have my lemon tree and one but big mint pot.


Ramon Alfós9 de April de 2020 at 07:32

Hi everybody

I’m sure that much people are happy when Spring comes, it’s a very particular season, all its months have something special for example we can say that windy March and rainy April make May flowery and lovely.
After winter, spring full of flowers the fields and the cities, we go out more to the street we change our clothes and we try to get rid of winter seriousness.
But like everything in life has its pros and cons for instance for people like I that we are pollen allergy is an unlucky season.
Anyway at home I have a little lemon tree, mint, two cactus and a bonsai and I take care of them even though I’m a butterfingers.

Take care and stay home.

So Long

    Suzanne Naylor17 de April de 2020 at 19:03

    Hi Ramon,

    Allergies – it’s true. The difficult side of spring! I hope you don’t suffer too much from allergies so at least you can appreciate the flowers without too many symptoms!

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