The ICT-REV Inventory of ICT Tools

23 de December de 2022

It is widely acknowledged that ICT can greatly enhance language teaching and learning. One of the problems that most teachers face, however, is how to decide which online tools can be used to the best advantage in their teaching. Indeed, with the vast array of applications currently available on the Internet, finding the most appropriate one for a particular teaching situation is a complex and highly time consuming task. Furthermore, new tools appear every day, while others suddenly disappear, making it extremely difficult for teachers to keep up with the latest developments.

The Inventory of ICT Tools aims to assist teachers in locating appropriate online applications for their needs. This bank of resources was developed as part of the ICT-REV project, which is financed by the European Centre for Modern Languages, and in which the following three UOC faculty members are taking part: Joseph Hopkins, Pauline Ernest, and Jackie Robbins. At the time of writing, the Inventory contains almost 200 descriptions of various online tools, most of which have been suggested by language teachers from around the world via a “Suggest a tool” form linked to the website. To be included, applications must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be potentially useful for language teaching or learning.
  • They must be free of charge or there must be a free version available. 

All suggestions are carefully vetted and, if accepted, descriptions of the tools are written and revised by the members of the ICT-REV Project team. Each of these descriptions, or entries, includes general information about a specific application, as well as a link to a video tutorial demonstrating how it can be used. To ensure that the information on the Inventory is current, the entire contents are revised every six months. Tools that are no longer available or that no longer meet the criteria for inclusion are eliminated.

You can take a short video tour of the ICT-REV Inventory by going to

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