Let’s go for a run!

21 de April de 2017


Running or jogging? The name is not important to those who practise a sport that is becoming more and more popular.

Running has  without a doubt become a very popular sport. If you don’t practise it yourself I am sure you know someone who does.  Every morning (or evening) in cities across the globe

people get out of bed, put on their running shoes and go out for a jog. It is a sport you can  practise anywhere and at any time. All you need are your shoes, your legs and willpower, of course!

Have you ever thought that many of the runners you see while  you drive to work might be training to compete in a marathon. There are hundreds of races every year, some in really exotic places. In fact, many runners make the most of  a holiday in another country to compete in a marathon while they are there.

What you might be surprised to know however is that it wasn’t until 1967 that women were allowed to  compete in marathons in the USA. Katherine Switzer was the first woman to complete the Boston marathon  in 1967, but she had a lot more to worry about than just reaching the finishing line as the video below shows.

Katherine returned to complete the Boston 2017 marathon a few weeks ago and had a much easier race this time round.

Do you think that there is still discrimination in sport on the grounds of sex in 2017?  I think maybe there is. Female football is one that comes to mind.

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