Event on tourism in Japan and the Japanese language

11 de October de 2018
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The UOC’s Centre for Modern Languages and Faculty of Arts and Humanities are organizing an event on tourism in Japan and the Japanese language. It is to take place on Thursday 25 October at 7 pm at the UOC centre in Madrid (Plaza de las Cortes 4, 28014). The event is open to the general public and there will be two talks. You need to sign up in advance if you’d like to attend:


The first talk will be given by Hajime Kishi, Manager of the Japanese National Tourism Organization’s office in Madrid (JNTO: https://www.turismo-japon.es/). Kishi will give a presentation with photos and videos of the famous sights in Japan and on other less well-known places, corners and tourist attractions from different parts of Japan. The presentation is aimed at both people who have been to Japan and those who have yet to go.

The second talk will be given by Emi Takamori, assistant professor in the Asian and African Studies unit at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’s Department of General Linguistics. Takamori will provide useful information on the Japanese language and culture in three situations that tourists to Japan often encounter: transport, shopping and accommodation. She will explain some of the kanji symbols, teach some short phrases and talk about Japanese-style accommodation and hot springs (onsen), among other things. You don’t need to know any Japanese to understand the talk.

What you’ll learn at this event will help make your trip to Japan more pleasant and maybe even unforgettable! See you there!

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