Celebrating March

9 de March de 2017


March is a month that is packed with festivities and celebrations. Women’s Day was on 8 March, Father’s day is celebrated on March 19 in many countries and Mother’s Day falls on 26 March this year in England and spring starts on the 21st of the month.

The biggest and most popular of all the celebrations in March has to be St. Patrick’s Day. This is the day the Irish

celebrate their patron saint, Patrick. The celebrations take place worldwide, not just in Ireland, on March 17. And people celebrate in many different ways. They parade, sing songs, listen and play Irish music and drink beer. In Chicago they even dye the river green! Watch the video below to see how they do this.

St. Patrick was not Irish. He was born in England, but was taken prisoner by Irish bandits and spent most of his life in Ireland.  He converted the Irish to Christianity and there are many legends associated with him. For example. people say that there aren’t any snakes in Ireland because St Patrick told them  all to go away! Others say that he used a type of plant which only  grows in Ireland, the shamrock, to explain difficult religious concepts.

So how you will you celebrate one of these special days in March? If you choose St Patrick’s Day I am sure you will be able to find celebrations somewhere near you. Will you dye your hair green or paint your nails green or will you simply drink a long cold glass of Guinness and say “Sláinte”, which is the way the Irish say “cheers”?

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