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21 de setembre de 2018
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“Back to school” time is such a famous meme that it has even inspired a fashion line. Back to school is the time when students gather new material, books, stationery and if necessary, buy new clothing and uniforms. But what does back to school mean for you studying English at the UOC? 

Studying online means there is no need to worry about uniforms or new clothes for the new school year! But, thinking about study aids and some stationary (real or virtual!) may help with studying English online. 

You can keep “to do” lists on a virtual notepad

First of all, our language courses have self-study materials. These are resources where you can study useful grammar and new vocabulary. To keep track of all the new language, having a vocabulary or language notebook is really helpful. As you work through the self-study materials make notes on any new language items so that you can use them in your assignments.  Why not check out our blog post about learning new vocabulary and keeping a vocabulary notebook for more information?

You can print off instructions and highlight information “old school” style!

When it comes to completing your speaking or written assignments, it is really important to read the instructions well. Highlighting any important information can help make the instructions clear and help you to see what needs to be done. You can either do this online and “markup” your pdf document, or print it off and highlight information with a highlighter pen “old school” style!

You can use pen and paper to help organise your week!

Every English course has a calendar with dates and deadlines for each piece of assessed coursework.  Making a note of the deadlines and prioritizing your work so that you can organize your time is a must. Some people find post it notes (real or virtual) a useful tool for keeping lists and helping your to get work done. 

So, now it’s back to school and good luck with the new term!

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