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Music documentaries Posts in English

Music documentaries

October is great month in Barcelona if you are a music fan. It’s the month of the In-Edit music documentary festival. In-Edit began in 2003 and it started life as a small niche festival attracting[…]

Back to school! Posts in English

Back to school!

“Back to school” time is such a famous meme that it has even inspired a fashion line. Back to school is the time when students gather new material, books, stationery and if necessary, buy new[…]

In the dead of winter Posts in English

In the dead of winter

In the northern hemisphere, the months of January and February are often called the dead of winter because it is the coldest part of the year. In our last post, we talked about learning new[…]

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False Friends

Breathe calmly,”Inspire, expire” ! I recently went to a concert in Barcelona given by the Canadian-born singer and composer, Rufus Wainwright. In between songs he told his audience some of the things that had happened[…]

New words in English Posts in English

New words in English

Have you noticed lately how English words are appearing more and more in other languages? In Spain, for example after the massive cyberattack “Wannacry” on Friday 12 May, the newspapers were full of a mysterious[…]