Over 1.500 people have already reached the planet Talutiga. There’s still time to join them!


You have 30 minutes to avoid getting lost in outer space. Go to Missió Talutiga and help us advance towards gender equality.

Remember! You only need a team of three people to play. They can be colleagues, friends, family members or whoever!

Don’t forget:

  • To complete your mission, you’ll need a computer or tablet; we don’t recommend using a mobile phone. And you’ll need to start a videocall with the rest of your teammates using Meet, Zoom, Jitsi, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Make sure your browser’s up-to-date and, preferably, use Google Chrome.

You can take part in the mission (available in Catalan and Spanish) until 31 March. Don’t delay, put you and your crew’s ingenuity and sensitivity to the test!

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