Crisis, Otherness and Representation

Siwen Ning

Siwen Ning has conducted research on the 19th century Spanish literature and Spanish Romantic poetry. Her MA thesis was a comparative study on the poetry and narrative of Spanish poet Enrique Gil y Carrasco. Ning obtained her PhD in Hispanic Philology from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in 2015 with a dissertation titled De la China legendaria al declive del Celeste Imperio. La representaci ó n de China y su imagen literaria en la España del siglo XIX (Cum Laude, January 2015), which studies and compares representations of China in a variety of literary works by writers, diplomats, travelers and journalists throughout the 19th century. She has recently published Fragmentos del Celeste Imperio. La representación de China y su imagen literaria en la España del siglo XIX (Iberoamericana, 2020).
Her research areas include imagology and representation of China in European discourses, travel writing about China, and literary texts inspired in both ancient and modern China. During her PhD research at UAB, she also specialized in 19th century Spanish short narrative and illustrated press, as a member of the reserch group GICESXIX (UAB).
Ning has been lecturer at the East China Normal University, Shanghai, where she has taught courses on history of Spanish and Latin American Literatures, and Chinese-Spanish translation. She has several publications on the Spanish literature of the 19th Century, and will further focus her research on Spanish literature from the end of the 19th century to the 1920s. She also intends to employ extra-literary approaches and make her research more interdisciplinary by covering such fields as history and anthropology.
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