Crisis, Otherness and Representation

Etienne Lock

Etienne Lock earned his PhD in Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Lille in France. He is a specialist in sub-Saharan African history, focusing on the role of France and Francophone African intellectuals in religious, cultural, and political postcolonial dynamics, the African resistance to western imperialism in all its forms, and the African’s contribution to world history. He is the author of the book: Alioune Diop et le dépassement du conflit identité africaine-catholicisme (Overcoming the conflict between African identity and Catholicism in the intellectual journey of Alioune Diop), as well as several articles and book chapters. Etienne Lock also contributes to the online encyclopedia on global African and African-American History: “”. He joined the research group ALTER at the Open University of Catalonia in October 2019. 

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