“España, China y Japón en la lucha global, 1936-45”


ALTER member Carles Brasó-Broggi joined Florentino Rodao (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) in Barcelona’s Ateneu to talk about their respective books, Los médicos errantes. De las Brigadas Internacionales y la revolución china a la guerra fría (Crítica, 2022) (The Wandering Doctors. From the International Brigades and the Chinese Revolution to the Cold War) From Allies to Enemies. Spain, Japan, the Axis and World War II (Palgrave Macmillan 2023). They discussed the departure of international doctors at the end of the Spanish civil war and their recruitment into the Chinese Red Cross, as well as Spain’s role in the Pacific War, the relations with Japan at that historical moment, and its implications for the Spanish community living in the Philippines.

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