Learning Analytics for Innovation and Knowledge Application in Higher Education


The individual careers of the members of LAIKA demonstrated extensive experience in several aspects of online learning research, including commitment with the management of the institution. For example, Dr. Teresa Sancho have been member of the Executive Board at the university as pro-vice-chancellors for Research. Dr. Sancho has the advanced research accreditation and Minguillón has the research accreditationissued by the Catalan Agency (AQU). Dr. Minguillón also played a key role as responsible for research at the eLearn Center. In addition, Drs. Sancho and Minguillón have been members of the academic committee of the Doctoral Program in Education and ICT (e-learning).

 Dr. Carlos Casado-Martínez  ·   ccasadom@uoc.edu

Graduate in Computer Science from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). PhD in e-learning (2023). He has been a lecturer at the UOC since November 2001. He currently develops his teaching activity in the field of teaching the fundamentals of programming and web development. His current research is focused on the teaching of programming at different educational levels.

David García  Dr. David García  ·   dgarciaso@uoc.edu

He received his BS degrees in Multimedia and Computer Science Engineering from the Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain, in 2005. At the same university, he earned his MS degrees in Multimedia and Computer Science Engineering in 2007 and 2008, respectively. In 2013, he obtained a PhD degree from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), Barcelona, Spain. At the UOC, he has been a lecturer since Septembre 2008. His research interests include different topics related to e-learning: virtual learning environments, learning analytics, information visualization and self-regulation.

Dr. M.Jesús Marco-Galindo Dr. M.Jesús Marco-Galindo  ·   mmarcog@uoc.edu

Graduated (1992) in Computer Science by Technical University of Catalonia (UPC); PhD in e-learning (2013) and a MS. in Information Society (2003) fron the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). At the UOC, he has been Associate Professor since Septembre 1999.  She has been the academic director in Computer Engineering since 2000 to 2007. Currently, she develops her teaching activity in the field of Programming languages and Communication skills. His research is developed in the same field and focuses in different topics related to e-learning and e-assessement tools, feedback and portfolios.

Dr. Julià Minguillón Dr. Julià Minguillón   ·   jminguillona@uoc.edu / jminguillona.cat

PhD in Computer Engineering (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2002). In 2001 he joined UOC as lecturer in the areas of programming languages, computer graphics, statistics and data mining and visualization. His research interests include the description and standardization of educational content and the process of learning through ontologies, semantic repositories of learning objects, modeling the behavior of users of a virtual learning environment through web mining techniques, and more recently, educational data mining and learning analytics.

Dr. Teresa Sancho Dr. Teresa Sancho   ·   tsancho@uoc.edu

PhD in Electronic Engineering (Univ. Ramon Llull, 1995) and a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics (Univ. de Barcelona, 1990). She is full professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), where she combines teaching and research in the area of mathematics for engineering degrees. She also leads LAIKA, the Research Group on Learning Analytics for Innovation and Knowledge Application in Higher Education. She has been a visiting researcher at the Open UK, the University of Southampton and the University of Cardiff. In the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya she has held various positions of responsibility: director of the doctoral programme in Information and Knowledge Society, Research Director and Vice Chancellor of research and innovation. Currently she is the director of the Applied Data Science Degree. Since her arrival to the UOC she has worked on topics related to higher education and the Internet, and she is currently concentrating her research efforts in the use of learning analytics for the improvement of online education and learning, and more particularly in the evaluation and feedback processes in mathematics.

Ph.D. students

  • Neus Heras (soft competences and e-portfolio in secondary school), Ph.D. advisor: Mª. J. Marco
  • Juan Antonio Martínez (predictive models in online courses), Ph.D. advisor: T. Sancho
  • Noe Rivas (interactive learning dashboards for enrollment), Ph.D. advisors: J. Minguillón and J. Chacón (UPF)
  • Gabriel Zúñiga, Ph.D. advisor: T. Sancho
  • Sami Barhoumi, Ph.D. advisor: T. Sancho
  • Elisabet Civil, Ph.D. advisor: T. Sancho
  • Joan Marcual, Ph.D. advisor: Mª. J. Marco
  • Alberto Gómez Mancha, Ph.D. advisor: Mª. J. Marco
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