What tribe do you belong to?

13 de novembre de 2017

Maybe you think you don’t belong to a tribe, but you do. I’ll prove it in this post! You may even find you belong to more than one!

Let me start with the basics and some definitions of urban or modern tribes…

The seventies saw the start of the punk movement. If you liked the music and the ideas associated with it, you dressed in a certain way, cut your hair in a certain way, behaved in a certain way and pierced as much of your body as possible. The way you behave and/or dress defines which tribes you belong to. Maybe you are a hipster, you like the grunge subculture or you are an Otaku (a person who dresses and identifies with the Japanese Manga comic culture).

Ok, you don’t belong to those tribes but I am sure that you belong to at least one of these modern tribes: the diet guru, the frequent flyer, the sports day parent, the tactical voter, the foodie, the Whatsapp group administrator…. the list is endless.

The Guardian newspaper reveals a new tribe each week in its weekly column, Modern Tribes. Here is the link, if you want to read about more. Do you belong to any of them? Or, do you belong to another one?

Oh yes, and on the subject of tactical voting, watch this video to find out what it really means.

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