Feeling blue?

18 de gener de 2017


Hello january typographic design.

Do you suffer from the January blues? January has all the ingredients for us to feel low; it’s cold, we’re short on money because we spent too much in December and we’ve probably put on a little bit of weight. So all in all we have the blues; that means we might be feeling a little depressed. In fact it is said that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year!

But enough complaining, there is hope providing you take some action. If you are experiencing the January blues, here are a few things to make you feel better.

First of all, sunshine; get as much of it as you can. If you live somewhere where the sun rarely shines, take a trip, and go on a holiday to find the sun.

If you can’t go on a holiday at the drop of a hat, then look for sunshine at home. Those little moments every day when the sun seems to shine; it could simply be the first hot coffee or tea of the day, or listening to a good song, like the one below

Another way to beat the blues is to decide to learn something new.  This can be anything from learning how to cook a paella well, learning a new game or knitting a jumper.  Why don’t you write in with your comments on what you will learn to beat the blues? What will be the new skill you’ll learn in 2017?

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