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Francesc González Reverter
13th of July, 2021
Chapter 12 Are new strategies and alternatives possible in the collaborative economy?
Lluís González Tamajón
21st of June, 2021
Chapter 11 Collaborative learning in economics and business
Dolors Plana Erta
7th of June, 2021
Chapter 10 The platform economy
Agustí Canals
26th of May, 2021
Chapter 9 The collaborative economy, the boom in specialization and trade
M. Jesús Martínez Argüelles
10th of May, 2021

Chapter 8 The pros and cons of the collaborative economy
Josep Lladós
27th of November, 2019
Chapter 7 The digitalization of finance
Angels Fitó Bertran
2nd of October, 2019

Chapter 6 Social currency
August Corrons Giménez
Chapter 5 The adverse eWOM in social e-commerce
Imma Rodríguez-Ardura
Chapter 4 The axes that sustain the collaborative era
Albert Cañigueral
21st of May, 2019
Chapter 3 Employment in the platform economy
Elisabet Motellón
15th of April, 2019
Chapter 2 Tourism and the collaborative economy: impacts and challenges
Julie Wilson
Chapter 1 Economic effects of the second digital wave
Joan Torrent-Sellens
18th of February, 2019
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