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FCC approves plan to allow for paid priority on Internet

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted in favor of advancing a proposal that would dramatically reshape the way consumers experience the Internet, opening the possibility of Internet service providers to charge Web sites for[…]


Use of the internet is expected to triple by 2017: Environmental concerns related to it

The Greenpeace’ report released this April indicates that the web may help destroy “the very fabric of our life on Earth”, due to the carbon-based sources of power it uses and the electronic waste that[…]

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Working Together to keep the Web Open and Free: Tim Berners-Lee on its 25th Anniversary

In March 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, 58, established a place for himself in the history books by creating the World Wide Web. That month, the Briton, who at the time worked for the European Organization for[…]


Tim Berners-Lee: we need to re-decentralise the web

Twenty-five years on from the web’s inception, its creator has urged the public to re-engage with its original design: a decentralised internet that at its very core, remains open to all. Speaking with Wired editor[…]


SOPA, PIPA, y ahora CISPA: ¿la libertad de expresión en la diana?

  Posiblemente a estas alturas estáis ya familiarizados con las palabras SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) y PIPA (Protect IP Act). Ambos son acrónimos que responden a proyectos de ley estadounidenses destinados, en un sentido[…]