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Gender & ICTs

About Girls, Skills and Jobs, and MOOCs

Today around 7 million people work in the ICT sector. However, out of the ICT workforce only 30% are women. Women are under–represented at all levels in the ICT sector, especially in decision-making positions. The[…]

Education Worldwide

A new development for the OLPC

The initiative One Laptop Per Child, which has distributed until now 3 million laptops to kids in 40 different countries worldwide, has undertaken a very encouraging experience. A few months ago they gave tablets to[…]

Gender & ICTs

Gender equality: from the grassroots of society to the political agenda

On October 1st, the UNESCO Chair in e-Learning participated in the final Roundtable of the research project “Professional trajectories of women in ICT: employment dynamics and policy responses in Spain & the UK”, that has[…]