Materials & Publications

Cátedra UNESCO International Seminar 2018:

Lifelong Learning: How does our society learn?


Dr. Teresa Guasch


Dr. Albert Sangrà


Dr. Lisa Blaschke 

‘Heutagogy: Preparing Learning for Life after Higher Education’

Dr. Dave Cormier

‘Rhizomatic Learning as a Metaphor of our Educational Development’

Dr. Albert Sangrà 

‘Las ecologías de aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida como marco de análisis e investigación’

Dr. Mercedes González Sanmamed

‘Como aprenden los mejores docentes universitarios en la Era Digital’

Mesa Redonda 

‘El impacto de las ecologías de aprendizaje en proyectos de investigación’

Dr. Albert Sangrà


Cátedra UNESCO International Seminar 2017:

Evidence-based research: methodological approaches and practical outcomes. Insights for Online Education.

Speakers’ presentations


Albert Sangrà – Introduction


Transcript here–>Evidencias frente a la post-verdad


Paul Prinsloo, UNISA – Lecture

 Learning analytics in a time of an insatiable thirst for data and evidence: A provocation

Olaf Zawacki-Richter, University of Oldenburg – Presentation

Relevance and rigour – towards evidence-based practice in education


Richard Garrett, The Observatory of Borderless Higher Education – Presentation

Learning analytics: a noble attempt to solve problems in Higher Education


Francesca Pozzi, ITD – Presentation

Will the future of Higher Education be evidence-based?


Frans Kaiser, CHEPS – Presentation

Will the future of Higher Education be evidence-based? A different perspective.




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