realTIC-UOC: Research in language teaching and learning with information and communication technologies


The research of the realTIC-UOC group focuses on the use of ICT in the teaching of foreign languages. Specifically, we study, on the one hand, the development of digital communicative competence in different environments of the online educational world and its interaction with elements of engagement (for example, motivation, emotions, socialisation); and, on the other hand, the didactic processes generated by the use of ICT in language teaching in various virtual learning environments, with special attention given to the virtual classrooms of the Modern Languages ​​Centre of the UOC, but also through other possible semi-presencial modalities that use ICT.

The areas of interest include formal and informal learning contexts, and closed or open courses such as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC). Likewise, we have an interest in the training of language teachers in the areas previously mentioned here. Finally, and in line with our interest in engagement, we also participate in various gamification and didactic projects.

realTIC-UOC forms part of the inter-university group realTIC (UOC-UB).

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