Imagination: machine or person?

24 de May de 2022

Activity organized by UOC and Sala Beckett

Participants: Marina Garcés and Joan Casas-Roma

Curators: Susanna Tesconi and Pau Alsina

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For Marina Garcés, from her critical perspective, the disturbing virtue of the imagination is that it links, without uniting, what thought separates: the sensible and the intelligible, the interior and the exterior, the present and the absent, what is and what is not, the possible and the impossible… and the different dimensions of time.

Joan Casas-Roma’s reflection, on the other hand, is developed in the field of modal logic and algorithmic thinking, tries to identify the processes that are activated when creating imaginary worlds and formalizes a model for acts of imagination, its language and its semantics.

For both, imagination is a collective, dynamic act that constantly plays with limits and models and is linked to the creation of possible worlds with various agents, people and, perhaps, machines.

This show is part of the series Máquina Persona. Artificial Intelligence and creation that wants to feed the reflections around Artificial Intelligence starting from the philosophical and artistic assumptions in hybrid creation processes.

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