Upcoming Seminar!!

6 June, 2019

The next 18th of June will take place the Seminar organized by MEDUSA named “The development of epistemological-ontological pluralism in the 20th century: from a moderate position to a radical position” by Ricardo Vázquez, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM, Mexico, in the area of Knowledge Theory and Philosophy of Science. 

PLACE: CSIC, Carrer de Egipciaques, 15. Barcelona, Spain

TIME: 12:00

About the argument of the Seminar:

Pluralism is a philosophical position that states that there is more than one correct history of the world and that these stories may become incompatible, but equally true. The previous approach seems to involve a contradiction and, if adopted, it also seems to lead to a relativism. This seminar will review some arguments about why there is no contradiction in the previous approach and why pluralism does not lead to relativism. To this end, some general distinctions will be drawn: epistemological pluralism and epistemological-ontological pluralism; synchronic pluralism and diachronic pluralism; and moderate and radical versions of pluralism. Also, some particular notions like subject, object, experience, normativity, justification, and truth will be reviewed.



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