GlobaLS: What does interdisciplinary mean to your research group?

25 July, 2019

In this series of video interviews, we explore the meaning of interdisciplinarity at the IN3.

“The Global Literary Studies Research Group works at the intersection between the Social Sciences, Computer Science and the Humanities by proposing an interdisciplinary approach that will address relevant challenges of our time such as the lack of documented cultural heritage, an interdisciplinary understanding of crime at sea through Literature and Cinema, Environmental Humanities, Critical Geography, or International Public Law, or the analysis of cross-border cultural phenomena, under-examined mediators and networks, and overshadowed geographical scales in their relations to the wider world. 

Thus, only an interdisciplinary and decentred approach will allow us to study how cultural practices overcome traditional geographic, disciplinary and linguistic barriers.”

Diana Roig
Global Literary Studies (GlobaLS)

Get to know the study of the Internet and the effects of the interaction between digital technologies and human activity at the IN3:


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