Marina Mora

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Research & Media Comms, Communications Department at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Graduate in Communication and Culture Industry currently studying a Master's Degree in Digitally Mediated Learning Environments at the University of Barcelona.
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The effects of mass surveillance

The “Data Society Research Seminar: Behind Data and Algorithms – Actors, logics and cultures behind digital technologies” took place last week on 16 June at Malmö University. There to speak at the event were Andrea[…]

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On the way to consolidating a feminist economy

The eighth edition of the well-known Congress of Feminist Economics (Congreso de Economía Feminista) will be held in Barcelona from 16 to 18 March 2023. This is a key event for strengthening the ties between[…]

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Ageism, loneliness and culture: How do older people learn to use new technologies?

Online meetings in the Diversity, Culture and Older People series were held in March and April this year (2022). The event was organized by Apropa Cultura, an organization of cultural programmers in Catalonia and the[…]