The Rise of the Robot

24 de February de 2017

robotI’ve seen today that a Japanese scientist named Hiroshi Ishiguro has created a robot which is exactly like him. It talks; answers questions; it even frowns! This made me start thinking about how technology is progressing so quickly nowadays.

On the one hand, until now society in general has ignored many dilemmas and problems that robotic technology brings up. But these dilemmas are becoming real. Will robots substitute humans? Will robots be able to speak and feel like we do? Will they fall in love?

On the other hand, robots could do the housework, work as shop-assistants, or maybe even drive on trains and buses. Wouldn’t that be nice? What do you think?

Have a look at this video if you want to learn more about it:  

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Isaac Castiñeira8 de May de 2019 at 20:29

Good night,

I think that the robots have to do the danger and repetitives activities, but I think that they can not pass a limits how for example teaching, babysitter, etc. The robots can never have feelings and if it doesn’t exist, the people will disappear. Nowadays we need the new applications, computer, etc. because they faciliate a lot of the tasks but at the same time, they make that we aren’t thinking or all the people are thinking the same.
What will the future pass if the robots make all the things that we do? Are the humans controled by the robots? Will the robots the substitute of the people?

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