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Chocolate at Easter!

Easter happens on a different date every year; it is a moveable celebration. The date of Easter depends on the moon and it can be any time between March 22nd and April 25th. This year Easter[…]

Music documentaries Posts in English

Music documentaries

October is great month in Barcelona if you are a music fan. It’s the month of the In-Edit music documentary festival. In-Edit began in 2003 and it started life as a small niche festival attracting[…]

Meet a teacher – Part 2 Posts in English

Meet a teacher – Part 2

Previously in this blog we met Nelson Pringle who works on our C1 English courses. In this post we’ll meet Sue Mellor. Sue has taught on the UOC since 2005 on our B2.1 level course,[…]

The Red Card Club Posts in English

The Red Card Club

What do David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Luis Suárez all have in common? Obviously, they are world famous; they are all icons in the world of football and you can read about them in newspapers[…]

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Ce que vos profs n’ont jamais osé vous dire

Les étudiants de français font des gaffes. Et elles sont tellement énormes que leurs profs n’ont pas toujours le courage de leur dire la vérité. Mes étudiants ont mis les pieds dans le plat si souvent[…]