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Cognition and Language Research Group


Welcome to the GRECIL Cognition and Language Research Group (UOC-UB) website!

We are an interuniversity research group with members from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the Department of Cognition, Development and Psychology of Education at the University of Barcelona (UB). Our group is also affiliated to the NeuroDevelop eHealth Lab at the UOC’s eHealth Center.

The group is interested in the two aspects included in its name: cognitive processes and language. With this in mind, the group is organized into two sections:

  • The GRECIL-Language section focuses its studies on language acquisition and processing. Specifically, we study how children and adults with and without language-related disorders (SLI/DLD, dyslexia, autism, intellectual disability, hearing loss, etc.) learn, understand and produce language, and how they develop socially and emotionally. To do so, we conduct studies using a range of methods including eye tracking, Kinect Azure, educational and/or clinical interventions and evaluations with random controlled trials, studies based on speech samples, questionnaires, and other behavioural methods (image naming, SRT, etc.).
  • The GRECIL-Cognition section focuses its studies on cognitive processes, looking in particular at thought, learning and emotion, and their links to language processing. The aim is to advance knowledge on the different factors that influence knowledge acquisition, reasoning and decision-making. Special attention is paid to the study of cognitive biases or systematic trends in the search for or interpretation of information that can lead to mistakes in everyday situations. The work involves both basic knowledge acquisition models, from the animal learning tradition, and higher level models of human reasoning and learning. Studies are conducted with non-human animals that use experimental paradigms of classical and instrumental conditioning alongside studies with humans that include both lab work on basic psychological processes (memory and recognition, probabilistic reasoning, contingency detection, psycholinguistic studies, etc.), or other more ecological approaches based on questionnaires, decision-making tasks and educational interventions.

Both sections work together to study the different intersections between cognition and language.


Address: Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Rambla del Poblenou, 156, 08018, Barcelona.

Contact: Llorenç Andreu, email:, tel.: +34 932 633 888.

Address: Department of Cognition, Development and Psychology of Education (Cognitive Processes section), Mundet Campus, University of Barcelona, Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron, 171, 08035, Barcelona.

Contact: Mònica Sanz-Torrent, email:, tel.: +34 933 125 150.

Follow us on our YouTube channel, where we share videos of conferences, lectures, materials and spread the word about our research.

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