Vote for your favourite photo for the 2020 desktop calendar


Here you have them, the 21 photos different members of staff have sent in for the competition titled The UOC in brief, to help put together the UOC desktop calendar for 2020. It was a challenge, but we’ve come up with the goods!

You have until 4 December to cast 5 votes. 

Even if you were unable to enter a photo, you can still get involved! Vote for the 5 pictures you like best by 4 December. The 13 most-voted photos will appear in the calendar. If you’re not sure which to choose, we recommend basing your decision on the criteria of content, quality and originality.

Why do we need 13 of them?

Well, although there are only 12 months in the year, requiring one photo for each, we will also be including a page for January 2021.

Thanks very much to everyone for taking part!

Now get voting!

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