The network of former UOC employees unveils its new blog


The first entries of the blog published by the network of former UOC employees have recently been posted. This new channel has been created to highlight the significant role played by former UOC community employees as stakeholders. It also aims to improve communication between members and, in short, revitalize the UOC community.

In addition to providing information about the services and activities the network exclusively offers its members, the blog has also set its sights on acting as a forum for the dissemination of open knowledge, with members organizing activities that are open to everyone.

Exclusive activities and services

The network of former UOC employees brings together people who have in the past formed part of the University’s staff for at least a year and its operations are overseen by a management committee and an advisory board. Its aim is to keep its members in touch with the University, including them in the UOC community and offering them exclusive activities and services, such as the new blog and a specific group on LinkedIn.

The network’s most noteworthy activities are as follows:

  • The AfterUOC: an annual meet-up organized for the members of the network. The next one is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2022 (details to be announced on the blog) and will allow members to see how the three buildings have been adapted to the New Way of Working. The three previous editions were held at the old Damm brewery, the Catedral hotel and the UOC’s Tibidabo site.
  • Work of art of the month: with this proposal, faculty member Joan Campàs helps followers of the blog interpret works of art. The first to be posted was on the Madonna Pisa by Maestro della Sant’Agata (Uffizi Gallery). Forthcoming works will include the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Las Meninas by Velázquez, Guernica by Picasso, Primavera by Botticelli, and The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.
  • Talks and debates: two talks on subjects of general interest will be held over the course of the academic year (one in autumn and the other in spring). They will be led by faculty member Joan Campàs and feature expert guest speakers. The first will be “Els algoritmes: del control a la creativitat” (Algorithms: from control to creativity), an online activity with a duration of 90 minutes. Full details and information about how to register are published on the blog. A series of videos especially produced for the event, along with a bibliography, will be offered to allow attendees to take an in-depth look at the proposed subject matter in order to prepare for the debate.
  • Interviews with former employees: the blog introduces its members by posting interviews with them. These include the ones with Gabriel Ferraté, who was the University’s founding president; Àngels Doñate, who was the University’s press officer; and Dora Pérez, the first director of the Library.

If you know a former employee interested in staying in touch with the UOC, please encourage them to join this wonderful community!

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