Triple Alliance for Educational Innovation in Latin America: La Tríada

18 December, 2019

Innovation, digital transformation and collaboration are fundamental for the future of Higher Education. Latin America faces the challenges of the incessant change brought about by globalization, and the continent’s best universities have managed to unite these three parameters in order to achieve the constant advancement of their institutions. 

In this chapter of La Reina Roja, La Tríada. Beacons of Knowledge in Latin America Lluís Pastor talks to three of the specialists in educational innovation and the incorporation of new trends in learning from the three signatory institutions of La Tríada, a pioneering alliance for university transformation in Latin America. The incorporation of new technologies and learning resources, gamification, challenge-based learning, the acquisition of skills and internationalization are some of the cornerstones on which they are basing their innovation. 

Tecnológico de Monterrey 

The first center of the chapter is Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Hand in hand with the Director of the  Observatorio en Innovación Educativa, Esteban Venegas, we will learn how Tec manages innovation processes through the Vicerrectoría de Innovación Educativa (Vice-Rectory for Educational Innovation) and Tec Lab, what the Tec21 Model is, what the functions of the Observatorio and the Mostla are and how the components of La Tríada collaborate in the supply of MOOCs. “With La Tríada we’re trying to offer something that is useful to students and society in general, throughout life” Venegas states. 

Universidad de los Andes

The second institution is the Universidad de los Andes de Colombia. The director of the Conecta-TE unit, Luz Adriana Osorio, explains the role of the centre in accompanying the processes of educational transformation in Uniandes through ICT support, dialogue with teachers and the commitment to taking risks. Osorio highlights that “The commitment is to learn to innovate through innovation, to take risks in the most responsible way possible”. She also talks about how La Tríada has meant a disruption at a collaborative level. 

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

The third university examined in the chapter is the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile where the Director of its UC Online unit, Luz Montero, talks to us about the work of the Centro de Desarrollo Docente, one of the pillars of which is educational innovation, as well as the Edulab for the implementation of innovation development projects and the spearhead that has meant its unit in the implementation of e-Learning in its institution.  About La Tríada, the Convocatoria Novus Tríada call stands out with more than twenty outstanding educational innovation projects among all the proposals received by the three universities. “We work together to create something disruptive, and we collaborate to generate educational innovation based on technology”, Montero declares. 

If you want to know more about this new alliance and disruptive institutions don’t miss the latest delivery of La Reina Roja.

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